LoVE Me Do \(*´3`*)/

Erin | 24 | she/they (cis girl) | wlw

Hi, my name is Erin! I love Puella Magi Madoka Magica and my dog, Luka! My primary hobbies are figure collecting, and playing Pokémon and Animal Crossing, and watching movies. Let's be friends ✨

currently playing: fallout 4, magia record, Pokémon silver, Pokémon ultramoon

image credit: はりかも for Manga Time Kirara☆Magica vol 29 / scanned by me


☆ only interested in mutuals/friends
☆ manual rts okay when locked
☆ I'm mentally ill and have a chronic condition which I occasionally reference
☆ feel free to ask me about virtually anything; I'm very open

I'll follow back if:
+ we have similar interests/mutual friends
+ we're friends on a different site

I'll softblock if:
- you're a big fan of SDR2 or Enoshima Junko; ask if you want
- you're a cishet male


Alien films / Alien: IsolationAnimal CrossingDanganronpa 1FalloutGhibli (Nausicaä + Laputa)Godzilla ('54) / Shin GodzillaThe iDOLM@STER (765pro)John Carpenter's The ThingJunji Ito's worksLove Live! Sunshine!!Monster FactoryNeon Genesis EvangelionPersona 3 / Persona 4Pokémon (games + Best Wishes)Predator filmsPuella Magi Madoka Magica

and lots of other stuff, especially horror and horror/sci-fi movies and media


Dent/CilanEllen RipleyFutaba SanaHoshii MikiLillieMatsuura KananMitsuki FeliciaMomoe NagisaNaegi MakotoOhara MariPuella Magi Holy QuintetSakurauchi RikoTakami Chika




Kaname Madoka (PMMM)Miki Sayaka (PMMM)Oshawott (PKMN)Teddie/Kuma (P4)

note: these are characters I identify heavily with, not as.